Hi, I’m Claire

I am a passionate dog lover and IMDT QUALIFIED dog trainer, former Dogs Trust Senior Coach, former qualified educational speaker for the blue Cross, Cyprus Dog Rescue Volunteer and Fosterer, former dog Groomer & salon owner of 15 years, former pet care and dog boarding business owner.

I live with my 2 dogs, a Jug and a rescue Kokoni From Cyprus.

I am passionate about helping build great relationships and understanding with your dog through force free kind training that uses what motivates your dog to train them.

Stictly no force, no fear and no pain will ever be used when training with me.

I specialise in Puppies and Recall Training.

Puppyhood is such an important stage that can shape their future, it can be a challenging time for puppy parents so being understood and helping you along that jouney is important.

Apart from Recall Training being fun to learn, I believe that it is the most important life skill for your dog to learn that enables them both freedom & safety.




I am a self-confessed dog geek and dog lover. Passionate about force free methods. In my training business and volunteer roles, I care about promoting responsible pet ownership, helping develop lasting pet & owner relationships, helping owners understand their dogs needs and helping to work to prevent behaviors developing such as resource guarding, separation anxiety and fear related behaviors. Helping puppy owners understand socialization and habituation, helping owners understand canine body language for safety and welfare of dogs, themselves and others.


I have worked with rescue dogs abroad volunteering in their pound in Cyprus when I go on holiday, writing training plans for them and assisting adopters via phone / email and fostered these rescue dogs. I have worked through their fear and anxiety and have adopted such a dog and worked continually on growing her confidence. I have also worked with rescue in Poole, and a challenging colleague’s client’s dog with Resource Guarding and fear aggression. I help her (intermittently)out on walks by teaching and using things such as close, look at me, adding distance, putting in good control and management ( no busy places ) using positive reinforcement methods


I have a fundamental grasp of canine body language. I feel this is important when foreseeing a situation that could be about to happen or how a dog is feeling so it can be addressed accordingly. This is for the safety and welfare for dogs and people alike.


My life has been dedicated to working with dogs in an ethical manner. From when I was 14 working in Kennels and attending a course at Old Windsor for Battersea, to moving away from home to train City & Guilds in Dog Grooming, having my own 1-1 holistic salon, running a pet services business and now a qualified dog trainer.




March 2019 – Fully qualified & accredited Dog Trainer member  with the IMDT – Distinction


June 2019 – Level 3 OCN in Principles of Canine Training & Behavior


Hoopers instructor with Canine Hoopers World


UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Instructor 


IMDT certificates:


  • Perfect Puppy
  • Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation
  • 2 Day career as a dog Trainer
  • 4 Day Practical instructor Course
  • Mind your own business Course IMDT
  • The exercises – foundation to advanced
  • IMDTB Seperation Distress 
  • IMDTB Impulse Control 


School of canine science 


  • Puppy Lab Online Course – School of Canine Science
  • 30 Days of Canine Science – current
  • Business in a box 
  • Scent 4-6 – Scentwork


Academy of Modern Canine Training & Behavior 2017

 Advanced Instructor Courses x 2


Canine Hoopers


CHUK Instructor Course

CHW Instructor Course


Dog’s Trust


  • Attended multiple dogs trust workshops 

Previous Pet Professional Guild British Isles ( Dog Trainer ) Membership


Other / CPD


  • CPD certified Pet Sitting Business
  • Certificate in Dog First Aid 
  • Various Books for CPD purposes

Current & upcoming CPD


School of Canine Science – 30 days of Canine Science ( online )

Reactive Rascals & Canine Body Language with Dog Training College ( workshop )

T-Touch Workshop with Woofs of Bournemouth

Enriched Environments- 1 Day – Dgs Nose 2019


Previous Memberships 


Sarah Whitehead inner circle 

Epic Dog Academy 

Animal Training Academy


Starting a business isn’t easy – well not to get it all right first time anyway!

I have ran multiple dog business spanning over 20 years. I have seen how things have changed and adapted. I have invested myself in some of the best business coaches both in the dog worls and outisde of the dog world.

I have invested in learning tech which I can help you with, from email systems, wordpress websites, building marketing funnels, booking systems, design software such as Canva and various social media platforms.

I have ran both online businesses and on the ground, and I know how to help your un either, or both.

There are important elements to get right and avoid the mistakes – I can help you hit the ground running!



Running a Dog Training Business can feel lonley, and especially in our industry learning from others is invaluable.

I have a range of ways that the Dog Trainers Network canhelp you – please visit my sister site for more information.