The following policies are in the interests of all participants and their dogs and by registering for a class (physical or online) with CLAIRE PETTO DOG TRAINING  you agree to the following:


 A phone call may be required prior to enrolment to classes if CLAIRE PETTO DOG TRAINING feels this would be beneficial


During class, unless directed please keep your puppy or dog away from other dogs and under control at all times.


Dogs are to be kept on lead unless instructed otherwise during a training exercise.

CLAIRE PETTO DOG TRAINING has the right to remove a dog and owner from the class if they feel the dog’s behaviour is not managed adequately by the owner, or the trainer feels that the dog is not coping, and is therefore putting their dog other participants at risk or in an unsuitable learning environment.


Please encourage your dogs to relieve themselves before class. If your dog or puppy needs a toilet, please feel free to take your dog as directed at the start of the class, and clean up after your dog and take it with you to dispose of.


If you have a sick dog or bitch in season, please do not being them along, but if you can CLAIRE PETTO DOG TRAINING welcomes you to attend without your dog.


The dog and any other person that is brought to class is the owner’s sole responsibility of any injury, loss or damage to person or property that occurs whilst attending a class.

  1. Children are welcome and encouraged but they cannot attend on their own (without adult supervision) if under 18 years old.


To secure your booking, your booking form, phone consult and payment will need to have been received at least 1 weeks before the course start date. Payment can be made by purchasing through this website


Refunds cannot be given after the course has started, this includes if you miss any classes there are no refunds or replacements. One week before course start date refunds are only available in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of CLAIRE PETTO DOG TRAINING


The client must understand that the training requires repetition and lots of practice and that all aspects of the training recommended by the instructor are important for the overall result. Without Continuing with the training and practising regularly, the results will not be as hoped.

The client must agree to follow CLAIRE PETTO DOG TRAINING philosophy regarding force free training – this being that any attempts to intimidate or cause pain in the name of training will not be tolerated.


Choke chains, shock collars, spray collars, pinch collars, sound aversion therapy etc. are not within our philosophy and are ineffective/damaging, and the client will be advised not to use these devices.


The instructor will always aim to work with the client and aim to meet the lifestyle of the client but never to the detriment of the dog. As such the instructor may reserve the right to terminate with a client who fails to follow this agreement without refund.


CLAIRE PETTO DOG TRAINING recommends that you use a Y shaped fitting harness.


Dogs must be wearing a collar with a tag stating with the name, address and post code of owner in line with UK law.


Advice not given: CLAIRE PETTO DOG TRAINING & trainers are not qualified to give legal, nutrition or medical advice and any information that may be provided is not intended as such


I understand that photo or video may be taken during class and used for training or marketing purposes